Join in now: Data Protection Day on January 28

Jan 12, 2022

Data Protection Day is a day of action for data protection launched on the initiative of the Council of Europe. It has been celebrated annually since 2007 on January 28 – the date on which the European Data Protection Convention was signed in 1981.

The aim of Data Protection Day is to raise awareness of data protection among Europe’s citizens. This is to be achieved through activities by all organizations dealing with data protection. Today, Data Protection Day is celebrated worldwide and is known as “Privacy Day” outside Europe.

The European Federation of Data Protection Officers (EFDPO) and its member associations, would also like to contribute to Privacy Day 2022 to draw attention to the importance of data protection for society. Therefore, we have developed special banners for social media and e-mail signatures and translated them into the languages of the national member associations. They can now use them for communication free of charge. And not just by the associations themselves, but by anyone who wants to get involved in spreading the message.

Join us!

1. Download the banners in the format you need:

For Twitter:

For LinkedIn:

For your email signature

2. Share the image via your social media channels or in the signature of your emails for Data Protection Day on January 28 and/or in the days leading up to it.

Use relevant hashtags:




P.S.: If you use @[add your social media account here] and @efdpo in your Data Protection Day post, we’ll give you a Like.

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