Data Act – What’s in store for the economy?

Begin: Sep 05, 2022

End: Sep 05, 2022



Berlin (Germany)

Data Act – What’s in store for the economy?

Discussion event organized by BvD, Stiftung Datenschutz and DIHK

The Data Act is intended to create a legal framework for the use and sharing of data. The aim is to facilitate and improve the exchange of data in the economy. However, there are still many unanswered questions and there is a risk that legal uncertainty will increase.

How should this law be implemented, what new challenges will companies face, and where will data protection be left? We want to discuss these issues with experts from the EU Commission, associations and selected companies, and also engage in conversation with you.

EFDPO vice-president Vladan Rámiš participated as speakers The event was held in German and was be livestreamed on the website. 

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