A look back at the Privacy Symposium 2023

May 4, 2023

For the second time in a row, the EFDPO was one of the Key Partners of the Privacy Symposium in Venice – an international conference for data protection professionals and enthusiasts from around the world. Privacy Symposium aims to bring together data protection experts from the public and private sector to discuss the latest legal and technological changes in the GDPR compliance.

This year’s edition of the Privacy Symposium once again took place in the heart of the historic centre of Venice. Further Key Partners – alongside the EFDPO – included the Council of Europe, the European Centre for Certification and Privacy, CLUSIT, European Law Students’ Association, The Italian Institute for Privacy and Data Valorisation, IoT Forum and NGiOT.

EFDPO Contributed Panel on “The Future of DPO’s”

In addition to the EFDPO board members Judith Leschanz and Philipp Mittelberger and our Secretary General Pierre-Yves Lastic, several members of EFDPO’s member associations took also part in the conference. The topics were widely spread and ranged from Sandbox and Certification to Surveillance and Telemarketing to Global Privacy Regulation Convergence. One insight, not only from the panels, but also from the many interesting conversations on the sidelines of the conference: all colleagues in the EU countries face the same challenges, but are confronted with national laws and opinions of the data protection authorities that are not quite identical.

In a panel contributeted by the EFDPO, “The future of the DPO” was discussed. There was also some practical advice on data protection exchanges with China and India, and of course the upcoming Transatlantic Agreement (and the future role of the UK) was heavily discussed. Internationally, the development of Asian or Latin American data protection was discussed and there were many statements from European and international data protection authorities.

EFDPO Dinner Event for Participants

Networking was not neglected either, and many new contacts were made. For the first time, EFDPO organized a dinner for the participants at the Privacy Symposium, which was very well attended. In this context, the EFDPO also had the opportunity to talk to the Chair of the European Data Protection Board, Andrea Jelinek.

There was hardly any time to enjoy all the sights of Venice with the overcrowded program. But maybe in 2024 when the Privacy Symposium is scheduled to take place from June 10-14. By the way: Members of EFDPO member associations pay only a reduced registration fee. So don’t forget to ask your association for a promotion code.

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