Boosting enforcement and cooperation – EDPB sets out priorities

Feb 22, 2023

Source: European Data Protection Board

The EDPB has adopted its new work programme, setting out its priorities and putting the Board’s strategic objectives into practice.

The EDPB will continue to prioritise enforcement building on initiatives such as the Coordinated Enforcement Framework, cases of strategic importance, and the Support Pool of Experts. In addition, the EDPB will keep developing guidance to support and encourage Data Protection Authorities (DPAs) to use of the full range of cooperation tools at their disposal, such as on the mutual assistance duty.

Furthermore, the EDPB will add to its existing catalogue of close to 200 data protection documents and continue its core work on harmonising and facilitating compliance. Among others, the EDPB will continue to ensure consistency of decisions by national DPAs via binding decisions under Art. 65 GDPR and to advise the EU legislator on data protection related matters, such as on adequacy decisions.

In addition, the EDPB will provide further guidance and develop awareness-raising tools on the GDPR for a wider audience. Furthermore, the EDPB intends to develop new guidance, such as on the interplay between the AI Act and the GDPR and on the use of social media by public bodies.

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