CSC publishes biannual report

Oct 5, 2022

Source: European Data Protection Board

The Coordinated Supervision Committee’s (CSC) biannual report has now been published on the CSC webpage. The report details the work carried out by the CSC since its creation in 2019 and looks ahead at the work to come in the next few years. The CSC aims to enhance cooperation among the different data protection supervisory authorities and ensure a more effective supervision of EU large-scale IT systems and of EU bodies, offices and agencies. It coordinates the supervision of those EU large-scale information systems and bodies whose legal acts refer to Article 62 of Regulation 2018/1725 or to the European Data Protection Board, and by implication, to the CSC.

Over the last two years, the Internal Market Information System (IMI), Eurojust, the European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO) and Europol have come into the scope of the CSC. While the CSC continues developing its working methods, it has been working full speed to accommodate the large-scale information systems that have already come under its purview and to prepare the arrival of the others. Gradually, the Committee will also cover other IT systems, bodies, offices and agencies in the fields of Border, Asylum and Migration (SIS, EES, Eurodac, ETIAS, VIS, and their interoperability), Police and Justice Cooperation (SIS, ECRIS-TCN) and the next generation Prüm.

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