Czech EFDPO member organized several events

Sep 10, 2021

After a summer break, the Czech Data Protection Association organized several events right at the beginning of September. On September 2, representatives of NÚKIB (National Cyber and Information Security Agency) were speakers at the seminar “Current trends in the field of cybersecurity regulation”, which discussed recent developments in the field of cybersecurity, in particular the NIS2 directive, the regulation of cloud computing and the supportive and methodological materials of NÚKIB. On September 7,  the association organized in cooperation with the Union of In-House Lawyers the second workshop on the topic of whistleblowing: “Whistleblowing and processing of personal data”. This workshop dealt mainly with issues of the correct setting of whistleblowing systems, including setting of this system within the group of undertakings, the construction of processing contracts and issues related to the coexistence of the compliance system, whistleblowing system and the activities of the DPO.



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