DPO of the Year in the Czech Republic 

Jun 5, 2023

For the fifth time, the Czech Data Protection Assiciation has chosen the best Data Protection Officers appointed under the GDPR. This time, it selected the best and most active of them for the year 2022. The awards were presented at a ceremony held on 25 May 2023 in Prague.

 The awards were presented in two categories: (i) public administration and self-government and (ii) private sector. The processing and protection of personal data are different in these areas and the procedures used are often regulated by different legislation. The roles and work of data protection officers in the public and private sectors are often different.  

 Who has been awarded this year? 

 For public administration and self-government, Data Protection Officer of the Year become Mrs. Eva Janečková, who in 2022 served as an DPO for the Municipal District Prague 8 and its organisations. In the field of public administration and self-government, the jury also awarded an honorary mention to Mr. Jaroslav Vitek, who has been serving as a DPO at the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic for many years. In addition to the quality performance of the role of a DPOs and excellent orientation in the complex issue of data processing in public administration and self-government, the jury also appreciated by both persons the sharing of experience within the professional community and the work on popularizing the topic of privacy protection. 

 In the private sector, the jury awarded Mrs. Martina Růžičková, DPO in the media and publishing house Czech News Center and company AC Sparta Praha football. Honorable mention went to Mr. Michal Merta, data protection officer at the pharmaceutical company Zentiva. The processing of personal data in the fields of journalism as well as the development, testing and distribution of pharmaceuticals is very extensive and sensitive and poses a number of risks to the persons concerned. The jury highlighted the quality of the role of the Data Protection Officer in such a complex area, together with the overlap into related areas. 

 Mr Jiří Kaucký, Chairman of the Czech Data Protection Authority, took over the patronage of the award. In addition to highlighting the role of the DPOs, he also appreciated the importance of the award and the activities of the Czech Data Protection Association: „I am convinced that the activities of the Data Protection Association help to promote respect for the protection of personal data and privacy. The Association also plays an crucial role because it is a voluntary association of professionals.” 

Find more information about the Czech Association for the Protection of Personal Data: www.efdpo.eu/czech-republic


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