EDPB launches first coordinated action

Oct 18, 2021

Source: European Data Protection Board

Following the EDPB’s decision to set up a Coordinated Enforcement Framework in October 2020, the EDPB has now decided to launch the proposal for its first coordinated action on the use of Cloud based services by the public sector. In a coordinated action, the EDPB prioritizes a certain topic for supervisory authorities to work on at the national level. The results of these national actions are then bundled and analysed, generating deeper insight into the topic and allowing for targeted follow-up on both the national and the EU level.

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Dutch DPA fines Transavia for poor personal data security

Background information Date of final decision: 23 September 2021 Cross-border case or national case: cross-border case If cross-border, LSA: Netherlands and CSAs: Ireland, France, Belgium, Denmark, Poland, Cyprus, Italy, Baden-Württemberg, Austria, Finland, Sweden,...

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