EDPB sets out priorities for 2024-2027 and clarifies implementation DPF redress mechanisms

Apr 18, 2024

Source: European Data Protection Board

Brussels, 18 April – During its latest plenary, the EDPB adopted its strategy for 2024-2027. The strategy sets out the EDPB’s priorities, grouped around four pillars, as well as key actions per pillar to help achieve these objectives. These four pillars are:

Pillar 1 – Enhancing harmonisation and promoting compliance  
Pillar 2 – Reinforcing a common enforcement culture and effective cooperation      
Pillar 3 – Safeguarding data protection in the developing digital and cross-regulatory landscape      
Pillar 4 – Contributing to the global dialogue on data protection

EDPB Chair Anu Talus said: “The new strategy takes the existing vision in a new direction in order to respond to the data protection needs of today, and the ever evolving digital landscape. The strategy is the result of a collaborative effort, involving all EU data protection authorities (DPAs) and sets out common priorities for the years to come. ”

In the next four years, the EDPB will continue to promote compliance with data protection law by developing clear, concise and practical guidance on important topics, and by developing materials for a wider audience. In addition, enforcement cooperation will remain an important priority for the EDPB. The Board will continue building on the vision set out in its so-called Vienna Statement, and further develop EDPB initiatives in this area, such as the coordinated enforcement actions.

A new aspect of the strategy is the focus on the interplay with the new regulatory digital framework. New digital laws, such as the DMA or the DSA, have an impact on data protection and privacy. The EDPB will work to enhance cooperation with other regulatory authorities, with a view to embedding the right to data protection in the overall regulatory architecture. Furthermore, the EDPB will continue to pay special attention to challenges raised by new technologies, such as AI.

The strategy will be complemented by two work programmes, which will contain details about its implementation.

In addition, regarding the EU-US Data Privacy Framework (DPF), the EDPB adopted Rules of Procedure, a public information note and template complaint forms to facilitate the implementation of the redress mechanisms under the DPF.

The EDPB documents relate to two DPF redress mechanisms created to handle complaints by EU individuals. The redress mechanisms deal only with complaints concerning their respective competence – national security or commercial purposes – and only for data transmitted after 10 July 2023.

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