Liechtenstein’s DPA Publishes Its Activity Report for 2022

Jun 2, 2023

After the Covid pandemic subsided, the various activities of the “Datenschutzstelle” (Data Protection Service) largely returned to normal in the reporting year. In addition to numerous successful events and consultations, Liechtenstein’s DPA also intensified its supervisory activities and resumed its official data protection audits. It became apparent that a considerable number of companies had lost sight of data protection in recent years or had not even put it on their agenda, despite the fact that the GDPR has now been in force for several years. The activity report is therefore also an appeal to all data controllers and processors to deal with the topic of data protection in detail and to accept the consulting offer of the DSS. An audit procedure is not only associated with a great deal of effort for Liechtenstein’s DPA, but above all for the responsible parties. This would be easier to manage with preventive implementation of data protection requirements with the help of the DPA’s expertise.

The security of personal data also established itself as an important topic in the reporting year. Here, appropriate security measures must be taken to prevent misuse or unauthorized disclosure of data. With the growing amount of data, however, the risk of not only “simple” data breaches but also cyber attacks and data misuse in general is increasing. This can have serious consequences for the individuals concerned in the case of identity theft, financial fraud or even other forms of misuse. In addition, breaches of data protection can also affect public trust in companies, organizations and authorities, which can lead to a significant loss of image. Questions about organizational and technical measures to ensure data security correspondingly increased sharply in the year under review in terms of advice, but also in terms of complaints, and will continue to require strong commitment from the DPA in the future.

The activity report can be download it here in German.

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