New EDPB opinion on certification criteria

Sep 19, 2022

Source: European Data Protection Board

During its latest plenary, the EDPB adopted its opinion on the EuroPrise certification scheme submitted to the Board by the German DPA of North Rhine Westphalia. This is the second EDPB consistency opinion on criteria for a nationwide certification scheme. The EuroPrise certification scheme applies to processors only.

The EDPB opinion aims to ensure the consistency and correct application of certification criteria among DPAs in the European Economic Area. To this end, the  EDPB  considers  that  the  EuroPriSe  certification criteria  may  lead  to  an  inconsistent  application  of  the  GDPR  and  a number of changes  need  to  be  made  in  order  to  fulfil  the  requirements imposed  by  Art. 42 GDPR.

After approval by the DPA, the certification mechanism will be added to the register of certification mechanisms and data protection seals in accordance with Art. 42 (8) GDPR.

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