Polish DPA fines Smart Cities: Another fine for lack of cooperation with the Personal Data Protection Office

Feb 1, 2021

Source: European Data Protection Board

A fine of over PLN 12 000 (EUR 3 000) was imposed on Smart Cities company from Warsaw for not cooperating with the Personal Data Protection Office (UODO) by failing to reply to its letter and failing to provide access to personal data and other information necessary to perform its tasks.

As a supervisory authority within the remit of Article 51 of the GDPR, UODO monitors and enforces the application of this regulation in its territory. In order to enable the performance of tasks, the UODO has a number of powers in the field of proceedings, including the power to order the controller and processor to provide all the information necessary for the performance of its tasks and to obtain from the controller and processor access to all personal data and all information necessary for the performance of its tasks.

Hindering and preventing access to the information that the UODO requested from the Company, which it undoubtedly has in its possession, demonstrates a flagrant disregard for its obligations concerning cooperation with the supervisory authority in the performance of its tasks

To read the press release is Polish, click here.

To read the full decision in Polish, click here.

For more information please contact the Polish DPA at kancelaria@uodo.gov.pl

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