Privacy Symposium in Venice: 5-7th April 2022

Begin: Apr 05, 2022

End: Apr 07, 2022



Venice (Italy)

Privacy Symposium in Venice 

The EFDPO encourages you to attend the first edition of the Privacy Symposium in Venice, on April 5-7 2022! It provides a great opportunity to meet your peers, top level experts and authorities, as well as to discover the latest changes and upcoming developments in the data protection domain.  

The Privacy Symposium aims at supporting international dialogue, cooperation and knowledge sharing on data protection, compliance and emerging technologies. The conference will offer more than 70 sessions with over 150 top level experts from Europe and beyond, including US, Canada, Brazil. Japan, Singapore, etc. It brings together the European institutions, international organisations, national supervisory authorities, law firms, technology companies, consulting firms, and data protection organizations. 

This first edition is organized around three main axes:  

Evolution of data protection regulations at national, regional and international levels. What are the latest developments and the upcoming regulatory changes for data management and transfers? What is the potential for international cooperation and convergence? What will be the impact of international developments such as the Amending protocol of Convention 108, the new Budapest Convention and ongoing work at OECD and WTO? What are the lessons learned by practitioners and authorities?

Data protection compliance for innovative technologies, such as artificial intelligence, quantum computing, Blockchain, Internet of Things, 5G, etc. How to make artificial intelligence, Blockchain, and future networks compliant with privacy and data protection by design requirements? What will be the impact of metaverse and Internet of Things on privacy? How can we leverage innovative technologies to support compliance?  

eHealth and special categories of data processing compliance. What are the lessons learned from the COVID-19 crisis? How to develop privacy by design data spaces that enable reusability of data for research? How will the upcoming regulations on data management and artificial intelligence impact the processing of medical data?  

The conference will organise dedicated sessions for DPOs and legal practitioners and enable you to meet international experts, supervisory authorities and key stakeholders. For instance, a whole track of sessions is dedicated to data protection in practice, with national supervisory authorities presenting and sharing their lessons learned on various topics such as: data subject rights, cross-border data transfers, enforcement, artificial intelligence, data breaches, and legitimate interest in practice. 

Besides the formal sessions, a whole set of social and networking events is organized during the conference, including a gala dinner on 6th April and an informal meetup on Monday 4th April to give you the chance to re-connect in-person with privacy professionals. 

You can already discover part of the keynote speakers and the program at:

Patronized by the Italian Supervisory Authority (GPDP), the Privacy Symposium will be hosted by the University of Venice (Ca’ Foscari), with the support of  the EFDPO, European Law Students’ Association, the Council of Europe, the European Centre for Certification and Privacy (ECCP), the European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO), the Italian Institute for Privacy (IIP), the Italian Association for Cyber Security (CLUSIT), the Maastricht European Centre on Privacy and Cybersecurity (ECPC), the IoT Forum, Mandat International and several other organizations and European research projects.   

The early-bird registration is open until 20th February.

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