Successful UDPO Congress in Paris

Jul 12, 2021

On July 6 and 7, the 3rd European congress of the UDPO (Union des DPO, French association of DPOs) took place. The congress took place in the prestigious Marriott Hotel located on the Champs Elysées in Paris. It is an emblematic place in Paris because of its geographical location and its reputation.

Topics of great importance for companies that had to adapt and implement new working methods following the difficulties encountered by the Covid-19 pandemic were discussed. 

The EFDPO, represented by Thomas Spaeing and Kai-Uwe Loser (Germany), Philipp Mittelberger (Liechestein), Spiros Tanis (Greece), Pavol Szabo (Slovakia), Davis Alvers (Brazil) and Xavier Leclerc (France) took part in several roundtables with topics such as the assessment of the RGPD 3 years after its implementation and discussions on the job and functions of DPOs in Europe and the creation of a European certification.

The day of July 6 ended with a dinner for all UDPO and EFDPO members at the Baccarat Museum called “Cristal Room Baccarat” and a guided tour of the museum after the meal.

The next UDPO Congress will be held in Paris on October 12 and 13. It will consist of plenary sessions and workshops on current GDPR and DPO topics.

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