Board of Directors & Secretary General

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the administration body of the EFDPO and has the most extensive management powers of the association to achieve our objectives. It appoints among its members a President, up to four Vice-Presidents. The Board represents the EFDPO towards all external stakeholders and decides on the admission of new member associations. All members of the Board of Directors exercise their mandate without remuneration.

Thomas Spaeing (BvD e.V.) EFDPO Germany

Thomas Spaeing


Thomas Spaeing is Chairman of the Board of the Association of Data Protection Officers Germany (BvD) e.V.

Xavier Leclerc (Union des DPO) EFDPO France

Xavier Leclerc

Vice President

Mr. Xavier Leclerc is President of the French association UDPO, Union of Data Protection Officers.

Judith Leschanz ( EFDPO Austria

Judith Leschanz

Vice President

Judith Leschanz is Chairwoman of the Board of the Association of Austrian Data Protection Officers .

Inês Oliveira Andrade de Jesus (APDPO) EFDPO Portugal

Inês Oliveira

Vice President

Inês Oliveira is President of the Board of the Association APDPO PORTUGAL.

Vladan Rámiš (SPOOU) EFDPO Czech Republic

JUDr. Vladan Rámiš, Ph.D

Vice President

Vladan Rámiš is Chairman of the Board of  the Czech Data Protection Association Spolek pro ochranu osobních.

Jérôme Egli (Switzerland)

Jérôme Egli

Board Member

Jérôme Egli is President of the Swiss Data Privacy Community.

Dr. Philipp Mittelberger ( EFDPO Liechtenstein

Dr. Philipp Mittelberger

Board Member

Dr. Philipp Mittelberger is Chairman of the Board of the Data Protection Association in Liechtenstein

Dr. Pavol Szabó (SPOOU) EFDPO Slovakia

Dr. Pavol Szabó

Board Member

Dr. Pavol Szabó is Vice Chairman of the Board of  the Slovak Data Protection Association Spolok pre ochranu osobných údajov.

Sprios Tassis (HADPP) EFDPO Greece

Spiros Tassis

Board Member

Spiros Tassis is Chairman of the Board of the Hellenic Association for Data Protection and Privacy (HADPP).

Thomas Spaeing (BvD e.V.) EFDPO Germany

Pierre-Yves Lastic

Secretary General

Secretary General

The Secretary General is appointed by the Board of Directors and  shall- among other things –  support the Board and the General Assembly in the achievement of their tasks. Within the framework of his duties, the Secretary General, if those tasks are delegated to him by the Board of Directors, is authorized to represent the Association towards third persons and sign all documents regarding the day-to-day management of the Association.


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