Clearview AI: Hellenic DPA demands 20 million euro fine

Aug 22, 2022

With the decision Nr. 35/2022 the Hellenic DPA imposed a fine of 20 million euros on Clearview AI Inc following the examination of a complaint lodged by the civil non-profit organization “Homo Digitalis” on behalf of a complainant, who claimed that the above mentioned company violated her right of access to personal data. Except for the 20 million euros fine that was imposed on Clearview AI Inc for violating the principles of lawfulness and transparency (art. 5 paragraphs 1(a) and (2), 6, 9 GDPR) and its obligations under Articles 12, 14, 15 and 27 of the GDPR, the DPA ordered  the company to comply, so that the complainant’s request for access to personal data could be satisfied and prohibited the further collection and processing of personal data of subjects that are located in Greece, using methods that include facial recognition. Finally, the company was ordered to delete all the personal data of subjects located in Greece that are collected and processed with the use of such methods.  


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