Privacy Day: EFDPO Stresses Importance of DPOs for Successful Digitalization

Jan 28, 2024

European Data Protection Day (also called Data Privacy Day) is a day of action initiated by the Council of Europe and has been celebrated annually since 2007 around January 28 – the date on which the European Data Protection Convention was signed in 1981.

Thomas Spaeing, President of the EFDPO, issued the following statement to mark the occasion:

“Data protection is the protection of people’s rights and freedoms.

Sharing and using data is rapidly gaining in importance. Not least driven by digital strategies and the associated legislation of the European Union. In many cases, this data is personal data.

Well-trained data protection officers play a crucial role in this development. They show how the goal of data use can be achieved under increasingly complex framework conditions  in a practicable and legally compliant manner.

As a professional association of data protection officers, we ensure that data protection officers keep pace with these developments and are up to date.

For digitalization and data sharing to be successful for the economy, data protection officers make a significant contribution to a solid foundation. This not only promotes trust among data-sharing companies, but also trust in society.”

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