The traditional Autumn conference of the Czech Data Protection Association took place in Prague

Oct 18, 2021

On October 6, 2021, the fifth traditional Autumn conference of the Czech Data Protection Association took place in Prague, this time under the name “GDPR 2021”. The conference was attended by over 170 participants (capacity was fully filled).

The opening speech was delivered by Mr. Petr Jäger, Vice-Chairman of the Czech Data Protection Authority, and Mrs. Violeta Luca, General Manager of Microsoft Czech Republic. A number of speakers from different  European  countries spoke at the conference. The Czech Data Protection Authority was further represented by Mrs. Miroslava Matoušová, whose presentation was focused on the functioning of the European Data Protection Board, and Mr. Vít Zvánovec, who participated in the workshop Protection of Privacy and New Technologies. Among the foreign guests, the conference was attended by Mrs. I. Hudecová, M. Javůrková and K. Kročková from Slovakia, the long-time Chairman of the Liechtenstein supervisory authority, Mr. Philipp Mittelberger, and privacy expert Mr. Markus Kastelitz from Austria.

The conference was divided into a morning plenary session and afternoon workshops, moderated by members of the association. This year’s workshops focused on data transfers outside the EU (moderator Alice Selby), GDPR in practice for municipalities and cities (moderator Radek Kubíček), Protection of Privacy and new technologies (moderator Jana Pattynová), processing of personal data in pharmaceutical research (moderator Petr Kůta), and the correct setting of cookie banners (moderator Jan Tomíšek). The partners of the conference were Microsoft, the law firms KMVS, ROWAN LEGAL and PIERSTONE, and the Union of Corporate Lawyers.  

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